In the sub-denomintion of the townland of Raholp called Banaghan or Banagh are the ruins of the ancient church of Raholp, locally called Church-Moyley. In building the walls yellow clay was been used instead of mortar. This was the ancient church of Rath-Colpa, over which presided St.Tassach, the bishop who administered Communion to St. Patrick when the saint was dying in the neighbouring church of Saul. ST. Tassach seems to have been the only Bishop of the church of Raholp – the early annals do not record any succession.


Fr. O’Neill seems to have been the immediate successor of Fr. Magarry who died in 1764. Fr. O’Neill was a native of Hilltown. When in the parish of Saul, he resided in Ballystokes, and afterwards in Walshestown. He intended to erect a chapel at Carrowcarlin; and having gone to Hilltown to collect funds for the building, he died there in 1771.


He was succeeded by Fr. Morgan, who had been P.P. of Kilcoo. He built the chapel at Carrowcarlin, which his predecessor had started. He resided at Ballystokes and died in 1775.


The chapel is dedicated to St. Tassach.